FOCUS Attentional Assessment

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Before any Play Attention training is underway, our first step in creating a personalized protocol is the FOCUS test.

The FOCUS test is a Continuous Performance Test (CPT) offered as a part of the Play Attention assessment and training program. It can also be taken on its own as a standalone assessment. Continuous Performance Tests are neuropsychological assessments that measure sustained and selective attention. The Focus test provides various visual and auditory distractions over a period of time in order to look at five elements of attention: performance (time and accuracy), consistency (performance over time), impulsivity (acting without thinking), and distractibility (auditory and visual distractions). The strength in the FOCUS test is that, unlike other CPT tests that require one audio and one visual assessment, the FOCUS combines the both in one test.

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For more information on the FOCUS assessment, as well as instructions on taking the test, please visit our Student Forms and Contract page. For a standalone FOCUS test please visit our Standalone FOCUS page.