For our family, Play Attention is an essential component of a holistic approach to ADHD.

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Pablo was diagnosed with ADHD in 1st grade. We decided to put him on medication. Pablo’s teacher did not think the medication significantly improved his ability to focus, so we switched to a different, more powerful medication. He did pay more attention, but at the expense of his appetite and his personality. We were aware he was less playful than he had once been, but we accepted it as the price to pay to ensure academic survival. That is, until we met a wonderful doctor who specializes in non-medical treatment of ADHD who recommended that we consult a nutritional specialist to explore dietary causes of inattention and consider Play Attention as a tool to retrain the brain to focus. We discovered Pablo is allergic to gluten and dairy and radically changed his diet. We also started using Play Attention religiously. The results have been phenomenal: Pablo is now, at age 11, on a lower dose of medication than he was first put on at age 7; he has gained 10 pounds in 9 months; and his teacher describes him as both much easier to work with and much better integrated in the class than he was last year. The dietary changes and the time we have spent on Play Attention, about 20 hours so far, have definitely paid off. For the third week in a row, he has come home with a 100% on his spelling—on the pre-test no less!

Although using Play Attention requires commitment, what I like about it is that Pablo finds it enjoyable and effective. It was heart-warming to see him explain the program to a friend who is considering using it for her nephew and conclude his presentation with the statement, “I listen to Mrs. Kobs [his teacher] better now.” I am pleased to have found a way to treat ADHD that addresses its causes instead of merely temporarily masking its symptoms. For our family, Play Attention is an essential component of a holistic approach to ADHD.

Submitted by:
Paola, Mother of Play Attention Star Student,Pablo