She is Much Happier with Herself and the World Since She is Able to Read and Remember Things

Victoria, an 8 year-old, third grader, joined our academic tutoring program following the receipt of her report card for the first trimester. She was in need of Academic Intervention and at risk of retention. Victoria struggled with her working and spatial memory unable to retain from day-to-day what she was learning in the classroom. Learning was even more difficult for Victoria because she was unable to sustain her attentiveness, focus, and concentration.

Since November 2015, Victoria has been using Play Attention two times a week. Following each session, she receives educational coaching and skills development in reading and math. Victoria was able to concentrate and remember what she was learning using this approach after the second month on Play Attention at 75% level of consistency.

With the help of Play Attention Victoria was finally able to achieve the status of a Beginning Reader score with her scores continuing to climb with each testing after four months. Victoria is an outstanding student in our program and works very hard. Play Attention and Academic Tutoring will continue this summer, to fill gaps of what she has missed during second and third grade.

Victoria is a pleasure to work with and her growth is amazing to watch. She is much happier with herself and the world since she is able to read and remember things.

Thanks Victoria for your continued attention to hard job of learning – you are an amazing student.

Jo Ann Stoff, MA, CPC
Certified Professional Coach
Certified Autistic Specialist