Space Certification


PA Unique Logic Technology Certified by Space Foundation 

PA has been certified as a recognized Educational Product ™  for it’s attentional brain feedback based on educational training technology developed for NASA for the purpose of keeping astronauts alert and cognitively aware in space.

“The Space Foundation is pleased to certify the PA system, recognizing the technology advances and applications Unique Logic Technology made to help students and adults overcome attentional disorders.“

– Kevin Cook-Dir of Space Technology Awareness for Space Foundation

NASA scientists developed computer systems for improving concentration skills of astronauts and test pilots. They attached sensors to the heads of astronauts to track brain waves and identify brain activity occurring when the astronaut was successfully focused on a task. Based on this they developed software to let pilots control images on a computer screen. More pilots were able to focus and set aside distractions to increase their performance.

The Space Certification Program, managed by Space Foundation, provides official recognition for qualified products and services incorporating space technologies. Visit