We Are Very Happy With the Results So Far

We have two young boys, and I was looking for something to help improve their attention and responsibility for school work. I found Play Attention while searching online. I was very excited when I found and researched their program.

JD, 14, our oldest who has Aspergers, is very smart, but has trouble focusing in school. He also is behind in auditory possessing development than others his age. His social skills need work too. Play Attention has games that cover all these areas and more. He has been cooperative in playing the games for three months now. We are seeing progress in his attention to his school work and social skills. He seems to be more aware of social issues and occurrences. My husband and I are very happy when those light bulb moments occur.

Bradley, our 11 year old, is in his first year of middle school where everything you do counts more than elementary. He did well in elementary school, making A’s and B’s without having to work too hard. He found it hard to give all his classes the attention that they needed. We mainly bought Play Attention for his older brother, but we realized he would benefit from it too. He also has been cooperative playing the games.

After three months of playing the games, Bradley has expressed an awareness of a longer attention span in the class room which is noted by his improved grades. He made A/B honor roll the second nine weeks of school, which also brought up his semester grades to A/B honor roll.

We are very happy with the results we have seen so far and look forward to the progress our children will make playing on Play Attention.

Thank you all!


Jasper and Melissa