WIN, or Wellspring Integrative Neurotherapy, is a therapeutic office that provides a host of services, including the educational Play Attention program.

Click here to visit the WIN’s website to see all of our services we offer, including:

Offered by Ellen Shaw-Smith, LICSW, BCN, LLC:

  • Individual and iLab Play Attention     
  • Psychotherapy
  • Neurofeedback Training and Consultation
  • EEG Neurofeedback
  • Hemoencephalography and pIR HEG Neurofeedback
  • Nexalin Transcranial Electronic Stimulation
  • FOCUS Attentional Assessments

Other Providers at WIN:

Anna Morrell – Psychotherapy, Art Therapy, Emphasis in Children and Adolescents from a Sensory Motor Perspective

Donna Brooks – Somatic Movement & Therapeutic Yoga

Tina Champagne – Occupational Therapy, Sensory Integration, and Sound Therapy (